Nadex Extends Dormant Account Bonus Program


Pursuant to Section 5c(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended (“Act”), and section §40.6(a) of the regulations promulgated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the “Commission”) under the Act (the “Regulations”), North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. (“Nadex”, the “Exchange”) submitted to the Commission on August 28, 2020 its plans to extend its reactivation incentive program, which credits eligible participants with dormant accounts (no trading activity for 12 consecutive months) a bonus equal to 10% of the participant’s reactivation deposit, as defined in the Terms and Conditions, up to $100.  In order to qualify, the reactivation deposit must occur before any trading activity takes place.  The Program is being extended through September 22, 2021.  Full Terms and Conditions of the Program were also submitted to the Commission and are available under this Notice, and by request. 

Pursuant to the 10-day filing period under Regulation 40.6(a)(3), this filing will become effective September 15, 2020. 

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.
Document Notice 1219 Dormant Account Incentive Program Terms and Conditions